The Riot Grrl Mixtape - Part 2 (w/ Anna Goldthorp and Breagha Cuinn)

riot grrl


Usually we like to wait a few days before dropping another part of an episode, but this one is proving so hot that we decided to drop it earlier.

On this episode we chat with Breagha Cuinn from the band Bratakus, as she gives us a slightly different take on riot grrl compared to Anna.

Then we talk about our individual choices for the discography. Chris chooses 'Fontanelle' by Babes in Toyland; David goes for 'Bricks are Heavy' by L7 and Mark decides on 'Dig me Out' by Sleater-Kinney. 

We also have a Foo Fighters Nexus that ties two out of our three albums together in one fell swoop, and we get to grips with how technically both Babes and Toyland and L7 aren't really riot grrl bands at all in many people's eyes.

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