Episode 34 - Whatever You Love, You are by Dirty Three

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Warren Ellis and co. have contributed quite a lot to the Australian musical landscape. Indeed, many would say that it is Ellis' penchant for Celtic rhythms and Eastern European grooves that gives Dirty Three an identity that stands apart from the weird, seemingly generic landscape or Australian music.

His work with Nick Cave on both the Bad Seeds' music and film scores cements him as a kind of of neo-Western figure, a man whose singular drive and vision has expanded beyond the realms of rock music. His compatriots Mick Turner and Jim White stand in similar stead, adding to the mythos of the band, both of them standing alone as visionary musicians whose musical development has been chronicled on tape as part of this illustrious trio. 

No one can deny this band's talent. As individual players they are wonderful, as unit they are nothing short of sublime. Dirty Three craft music which is heartfelt, melancholic, textured and intelligent without being difficult. Both Chris and David agree that this is their defining moment.

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