Episode 35 - Iron Maiden by Iron Maiden

Maiden UNSUNG fb avatar copy.jpg


To borrow a quote from the episode?

"Why the fuck are we talking about Iron Maiden?"
"Because they're fucking Iron Maiden!"

It's a fair point. Can a band as big as Iron Maiden ever be Unsung? Weaver pulls out all the stops as he puts forward the case as to why the first Iron Maiden album is not only their unsung classic, but their best album without question. 

We really get into it with this episode. Chris hates Maiden and everything they stand for, whilst Mark, an unabashed Maiden fan, revels in the jousting and drops some knowledge of his own.

The Foo Fighters' Nexus gets a bit fruity this week, and everyone agrees at how much of a massive arsehole Paul Di'anno is.

Is this their best album? Is it even an unsung classic? Vote below.