Episode 36 - A Healthy Distrust by Sage Francis

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More hip hop is good for the soul. Or something.

This week we take on our third hip hop album in the form of Sage Francis' 'A Healthy Distrust'. This album, his second, was his first release on Epitaph records, marking the label's first foray into hip hop. 

Showcasing a darker sonic palette than his previous release, 'Personal Journalist', this record finds Sage doubling down on the political and personal content, whilst creating a dense, paranoid soundscape that captures the sound of a post 9/11 world very well.

Chris remains the whitest guy in the room on this episode as Mark and Weaver do the driving, discussing his back catalogue and how his sound has evolved over the years. We also talk a little about cultural appropriation and wonder if the world really needs another three white guys talking about hip hop.

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