Episode 37 - We are the Romans by Botch

BOTCH UNSUNG fb avatar.jpg


If you like hardcore/metalcore/mathcore/heavy music you know of Botch. You know how good this record is. You don't need us to convince you otherwise.

If you haven't heard it, then you should rectify that immediately. Botch set the blueprint for modern metallic hardcore as we know it. Most bands since have taken a lot from this record. Listening to it now, especially if you haven't heard it before like Mark, sort of feels like walking into an old, pristine home and immediately feeling comfortable in your surroundings.

For a band that only existed for 8 years, they sure left their mark on music. They've since scattered and went on to create a huge variety of music, some similar, some totally different to Botch.

What you need to know here is that we unanimously agree on this record. On the episode we dive into their history before dissecting the record, revelling in its daring, brutal glory.

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