Episode 38 - La Roux by La Roux

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Sometimes we talk about popular records on this podcast. By popular we mean “has sold a boatload of copies” and La Roux certainly falls into the category of having sold a boatload of copies. Indeed, the Mercury Award nominated, Grammy Award winning, platinum selling artist could also be comfortably described as popular in just about any capacity you care to think of.

Chris, whilst not disagreeing with this (and to be fair we’ve touched on other albums which have sold as many if not more than that this record did), believes this record is overlooked because of its perception as a pop record. He puts in an impassioned shift here, explaining how this album is actually way more than the sum of its parts.

Weaver fundamentally disagrees, and what follows is a truly interesting conversation on what popular music is, what our discography should or shouldn’t entail, and where we draw that line. We do also talk about some of the bangers on this album because there’s at least a few on it.

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