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You know the feeling. You’re listening to an album and simply cannot work out why the rest of the planet doesn’t realise that it is a total masterpiece. What the hell is wrong with everyone?

Each week hosts Mark Fraser (The Curator Podcast), David Weaver (Detour) and Chris Cusack (Bloc/Restless Natives), discuss and dissect exactly those kind of albums. Is something an under-rated classic? Did it have a huge and unrecognised impact on the music that followed it? Sure they might be a great band but what is their definitive release?

We’ll put our cases forward to you, the public, then you can vote via our site to decide if our choice really deserves “UNSUNG CLASSIC” status. Hopefully as we progress, we gradually build up a truly democratic picture of the classics that perhaps didn’t make the covers of Mojo or NME but left an indelible mark on our own lives.

We’ll also pepper this discography with interviews where we invite notable musicians to nominate their own unsung classics and speak frankly about their own back catalogues. Plus a few special “mix-tape” episodes where we pick a mix-tape title and each throw a name into the fray.

Interaction is the aim and hopefully, between our oddball patter and your comments, suggestions and feedback we can document some of the truly amazing musical work out there that continues to be criminally UNSUNG.