The Riot Grrl Mixtape - Part 1 (w/ Anna Goldthorp and Breagha Cuinn)

riot grrl


In a change to our regularly scheduled programming, here is the first part of our Riot Grrl Mixtape. That's right, three straight white man are going to pontificate about Riot Grrl because we're utterly confident that has NEVER happened on a podcast before.

In all seriousness, we'd been trying to get this episode off the ground for a while but we found it very difficult to get women to come on and talk about it. In the end, we managed to record two interviews with two different stances on the movement. Joining us on this episodeise DJ Anna Goldthorp, giving us her opinion on the politics and music of the scene.

We hope this inspires other women to want to come and chat to us about this because we know that, as men, there's only so much that we can understand about riot grrl and the politics of if. As a feminist movement, and one we agree with, we know it's important to get a pluarlity of opinions on this scene. So if you'd like to add your voice to this dialogue, drop us an email or a message via Facebook.

In part one we discuss the origins of the movement, how it played out and talk about some of its key bands and individuals.