Episode 33 - Pink by Boris

BORIS UNSUNG fb avatar.jpg


This week we're talking about yet another band with a huge, varied oeuvre. We try, god knows we try, to engage with all of it. You can be the judge of how successful we were.

Boris have released something in the region of 24 albums in their 25 years career. That's a lot of records. Their genre hopping madness goes from drone to noise and everything in between. 

On this episode Chris and Weaver take the reigns despite it being Mark's choice. Mark makes a tit of himself by refusing to do any research, whilst Chris and Weaver dive deep on the band's discography.

As to whether or not Pink is their best album, it really depends on what version of Boris you like. But in terms of demonstrating the breadth of what the band are capable of, Pink is a good starting point. 

Is it their defining statement though? Only you can vote and decide.