Episode 32 - Chosen Lords by AFX

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Richard D. James is perhaps one of the most prolific and elusive electronic artists ever. His discography is so vast that other work is often mistaken for his. He's been around for decades, yet very little is known about how. Most importantly though, he like to mess with people.

AFX is a compilation of AFX and Aphex Twin songs. In his mind, the name he releases music under is irrelevant. We approached his back catalogue in the same way, so this episode is not about which AFX of Aphex Twin release is the best, it's about which Richard D. James release is his unsung classic. Weaver takes the reins and explains why 'Chosen Lords' is indeed his unsung classic, and also why it sits alongside some of his best work. 

Friends, we go deep on Mr. James' oeuvre. So buckle up.