Episode 89 - The Red Menace Mixtape (Side B)

RED MENACE mixtape sB copy.jpg


This is it. Time to talk about what records we actually picked and why we picked them. Chris decides to tackle his youthful enjoyment of far left cliches by choosing a record he adores, by a band whose politics he has grown to have serious questions about, in The (International) Noise Conspiracy’s second album ‘A New Morning, Changing Weather’.

Whilst Weaver goes for Rage Against the Machines final album ‘Renegades’, because what’s better than a left wing band who paints in broad-strokes to really set the teenage sociopolitical heart ablaze?

Mark opts for ‘Pick a Bigger Weapon’ by The Coup, whose sole remaining original member is well known for his activism, outspoken socialism, incisive wit and general love for all things funky.

Which is the best? You decide.