Episode 90 - Shaking the Habitual by The Knife

KNIFE FB Avataar.jpg


The Knife are perhaps one of the most political bands we’ve yet covered on this show. Fiercely independent into the bargain, they’re probably one of the most punk bands we’ve had on this show too. Except they’re not a punk band. They’re anything but.

As an electro-pop band, their early stuff was a cool juxtaposition between breezy dancable pop tunes and a strange, subtle darkness. Sometimes both could be felt in the same song, but mostly their albums swung between both. It was only on Shaking the Habitual, their final, and longest album, that things finally came together.

Their sound truly evolved, taking in techno, EDM, industrial, drone and noise, all of which culminated in this epic double album. In Chris’ view, it’s as grand an artistic statement as any band have made. It’s challenging, dense, political, beautiful, brutal and absolutely uncompromising. It takes a little effort to get into, but we feel it’s an ultimately rewarding listen.

Is this their magnum opus as well as their Unsung classic?

You know what to do.