Episode 88 - The Red Menace Mixtape (Side A)

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Despite our Liberal leanings, we are not a communist podcast. But we do hold some of the same fundamental views on society, politics and people. Which means, surprisingly, that we rarely disagree on politics.

So why a Red Meance podcast? Well, due to our leftness, we thought it'd be fun to explore some of the artists who espouse or influence our views. Thus, a mixtape was born.

This, and next, week, we are discussing bands that are very left wing. The kind of communist and socialist bands many of us love, as it happens. But also bands we may have grown to find a little problematic.

On this episode we talk about some the bands and genres we think fall into this category. As well as those that don't. It's a fun ride. Promise.

So enjoy, if you will, a very brief primer on left wing bands.