Episode 53 - The 2018 Xmas Xtravaganza (Side A)

XMASAVATAR1 copy.jpg


In the immortal words of Noddy Holder - it’s Christmas. As it’s the end of our first year we thought it was time to start a new tradition, using the final two weeks of the year to reflect on the last 52 weeks and answer a few fan questions in the process. That’s right, it's part one of the Unsung 2018 Xmas Xtravaganza.

On this week’s episode we get a little drunk, a little lary and very self-aggrandizing as we talk about our favourite finds of the year. We also give out a few Christmas presents to ourselves as we each save an album that didn’t make it into the discography. Dave askes us what our favourite Wikipedia/research find of the year was and we wrap it all up by talking about our most overrated songs and albums of the year.

It is indeed a time for joy. Unless you’re an LCD Soundsystem fan. In which case you might want to skip this one.