Episode 52 - Meantime by Helmet

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Well folks, we did it. We made it through 52 consecutive weeks without killing each other. Also, we didn’t miss an episode. Please send us high fives.

We left last week’s episode on a bit of a cliffhanger as Chris hadn’t quite decided which Helmet record he was going to do, but when it came down to it there was only one choice - ‘Meantime’. The band’s second record, their major label debut and the record we got our name from.

So I guess you now know who also came up with the name of the podcast.

Anyway, we decided to go deep on Helmet’s discography and in the process we all came to some interesting, and different, conclusions on the band’s work.

Want to know more? Listen. Yes, it’s another cliffhanger! You’ll need to listen to see what our individual opinions are.

Helmet’s best album? Well, you decide. Vote below.

Helmet playlist