Episode 54 - The 2018 Xmas Xtravaganza (Side B)



Happy new year folks! If you’re still with us after last week’s debacle then welcome back! This episode is a much more upbeat affair. It’s also 50% drunker.

If you didn’t listen to part one, we highly recommend that you do so. Nevertheless, the format is as follows: we answer questions you guys put to us and have a jolly good time disappearing up own arses. This week we’re talking about albums we can’t nominate for the discography due to how famous they are; discussing which albums we’ve revisited this year after reviewing them; our favourite song we’ve discovered, and our favourite Dave Grohl Nexus.

There’s an edit of this episode which is pure nonsense. That’s how drunk it got. But Chris managed to pull it into something coherent.

We hope 2019 is a great one for all y’all. We’re looking forward to doing some new stuff. Thanks for sticking with us.