Episode 2 - Jane Doe by Converge

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'Jane Doe' (2001) by Converge is widely regarded as being one of the greatest, most influential hardcore records of all time. From its searing sonic palette, to the ferocity, complexity and focus of the performance, this record pushed boundaries and changed the way people would approach hardcore and punk for years afterwards. On this episode we discuss some of the finer points of the band's approach and ethos on this record. The word "game-changing" is often over used, but it's certainly mentioned in this conversation.

Chris drops knowledge bombs right, left and centre, informing us that the band was actually a five piece on this record, and draws from his own personal experience of recording with Kurt Ballou to give us some valuable insight into conditions in which this record was recorded.

Beyond that, Mark discusses how this record changed the entire band's life, not just by increasing Converge's profile, but with how the work on this record has allowed all of the band members to forge successful careers outside of Converge.

David offers his opinion on why it's so important to music and to him, admitting that he initially didn't like the record to begin with, but highlighting just how influential this album has been since its creation. He also waxes lyrical about how good artwork can enhance an album, using the artwork to 'Jane Doe' to illustrate his point.

You can probably guess what our conclusion is.

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Episode Excerpts from 'Jane Doe': Concubine, Fault and Fracture, Hell to Pay, Homewrecker, The Broken Vow, Heaven in Her Arms, Phoenix in Flight, Thaw, Jane Doe.