Episode 3 - Foo Fighters by Foo Fighters

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It’s difficult to believe that the Foo Fighters were initially a secret. Grohl completed this record and sent it to friends, and this collection of songs would be pivotal in changing the career and fortunes of the drummer from Nirvana.

On this episode Chris gives us a detailed explanation as to why this record is so important to him and why it should be in the discography all-time great records. Meanwhile, Weaver struggles to muster up any kind of feeling for this record, and that pretty much tells you all you need to know about how this conversation goes. Mark talks about how the core elements of the band’s sound are found on this album, and the blueprint for what makes a successful Foo Fighters song existed right from the word go.

There’s also some bizarre chat about Wayne Static, and Weaver compares the Foo Fighters to a Ford Cortina. Which, when you think about, makes a certain amount of sense.

Ladies and gentlemen, strap in. Things are going to get interesting.

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Intro Music: Discose by Marvin 

Episode Excerpts from 'Foo Fighters': This is a Call, I'll Stick Around, Big Me, Good Grief, Floaty, Oh, George, X-Static, and Exhausted