Episode 1 - The Remote Part by Idlewild

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In Episode one of the Unsung podcast Chris, David and Mark talk about Idlewild's major label debut 'The Remote Part' (2003) and boy howdy do we dive deep on this one. David tells us why the band view it as a seminal record, and how he ripped off a couple of the songs with his old band. He also swings deep into nostalgia by explaining that the record "belonged" to him and an old girlfriend at the time. Chris drops some knowledge about interpersonal relationships within the band at the time, and how he's whittled the album down to just five songs over the years. We also talk about the placement of the lead single 'You Held the World in Your Arms' on the FIFA 2003 soundtrack, and Chris has his own bout of nostalgia about some Dave Eringa produced 90s "classics", dragging up random mid-90s bands everyone had forgotten about. Mark discusses how he finds the production and the lead guitars on this record especially annoying, compares the production on this to some of the stuff Eringa did with Manic Street Preachers, whilst going deep on Edwin Morgan's work and his strange inclusion on this record. We also talk at length about the Dave Eringa's production, the somewhat uneven songwriting, our love for '100 Broken Windows', the band's American run with Pearl Jam off the back of this record and much more.

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Intro Music: Discose by Marvin 

Episode Excerpts from 'The Remote Part': You Held the World in Your Arms, A Modern Way of Letting Go, American English, Tell Me Ten Words, Out of Routine, I Never Wanted, Century After Century, (I am) What I am Not, In Remote Pt. 1/Scottish Fiction.