Episode 92 (Part 1) - Somewhere Along the Highway by Cult of Luna

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Hey, look guys, sometimes we can be relevant to current musical trends! If those trends are simply the result of us covering bands who have just released new albums…

This week we cover one of Dave’s all time top 3 favourite bands, a band he reckons haven’t produced a bad record. A band called Cult of Luna.

Amongst the die hards, the title of best Cult of Luna album swithers between this and Salvation, the album directly before this one. Salvation marked the band entering new territory, incorporating more dynamics, augmenting their post-metal vibes with elements from post and prog rock.

Somewhere Along the Highway those is where they really took it up a gear. In part one, we talk about the band’s history, laying the groundwork for why we think this is the best album from an unsung band. Part two can be found here: https://www.unsungpod.net/episodes/episode-92-part-2-somewhere-along-the-highway-by-cult-of-luna