Episode 92 (Part 2) - Somewhere Along the Highway by Cult of Luna

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You can find episode one here: https://www.unsungpod.net/episodes/episode-92-somewhere-along-the-highway-by-cult-of-luna-part-1

Now it’s time for part two. After some lively discussion about their discography we pick things up as Chris talks about how fans generally rank their records, which then moves on to talk about the band’s status within metal music today. Weaver also talks about why he loves this record so much and we give the whole thing a good once over to boot.

For many it’s a toss up between Salvation and Somewhere Along the Highway as to which is Cult of Luna’s best work. Do you think this record is the one for our discography? Vote below!"

As our first proper foray into post-metal, we’d love to know what other albums of this kind you’d love for us to cover. So do let us know!