Episode 85 - The Vertigo of Bliss by Biffy Clyro (Part 2), With BEST FRIEND OF THE POD Crag Carrick

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Listen to part one here.

Surprise! Part two of our Biffy episode is available a few days early, as we look to go ahead with ‘Mothership Connection’ by Parliament this Friday.

The gloves are off in this episode as Chris finally gets to the root of his deep seated disdain for the band, we talk about this album, where it sits in the context of their discography, and the weirdness of their fame.

We also get a bit philosophical as we ponder how they could have been a big important rock band but instead have become the British version of the Foo Fighters. It’s up to you to decided whether or not that’s a good thing.

Most importantly though, it’s time for you guys to finally do the thing you do so well: vote on whether or this album should be included in our discography. Have we managed to make the case for this being or not being added to it? As ever, you decide.