Episode 84 - The Vertigo of Bliss by Biffy Clyro (Part 1), With BEST FRIEND OF THE POD Crag Carrick

Biffy A UNSUNG fb avatar.jpg


Alongside Fritz, Crag is one of the podcast’s biggest donors. We planned to have him on the show sooner but it proved somewhat difficult to organise on account of him living on the other side of the world.

But a recent trip home meant we were able to tie him to a chair for a couple of hours while Chris gave it both barrels on Biffy. Sadly, due to a bereavement Weaver wasn’t able to join us, but Crag was in fine fettle and what followed was a two part exploration on the band, their back catalogue, their raise to fame and everything in between.

In part one Crag tells us why he chose this record, we run down the band’s history and their discography and wonder how a band as weird as this managed to get as big as they are.

Listen to part two here.