Episode 6 - Mr. Beast by Mogwai

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We knew from the outset that a Mogwai record was going to be up for debate at some point in the early days of this podcast. Which album that would be, however, is something that Chris and Weaver had to really think about it.

Let's get down to it - Chris and Weaver love Mogwai. Mark is a relative newcomer. It took a little while for the two fans to decide which record it should be, but once they'd settled on Mr. Beast, the choice seemed to make sense. 

The conversation flows free and easy on this episode. There's little in the way of trivia here, but there's a lot of general Mogwai appreciation from all those involved. It's probable that they're one of the most important post-rock bands in world, it's almost certain that they're one of the most important Scottish bands of the past twenty years. 

Chris and Weaver get into a nuanced decision about which Mogwai songs are the best, and Chris proposes that all Mogwai fans should make a top ten playlist so that he can accurately gauge their personalities. Our selections are coming soon.

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Intro Music: Discose by Marvin 

Episode Excerpts from 'Mr. Beast': Auto-Rock, Glasgow Mega-Snake, Acid Food, Travel is Dangerous, Team Handed, Friend of the Night, I Chose Horses, We're No Here.