Episode 5 - Endtroducing by DJ Shadow

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I know, you're probably sick of hearing white guys talk about hip-hop, yet here we are discussing one of the most important hip-hop records of all time.

Or is it a hip-hop record? Chris, Mark and Weaver can't really agree. But one thing they do all agree on is that it's definitely a trip-hop record, and that it also can fall into the category of an electronic record.

AV Club called this "trip-hop's crowning achievement", and there's been thousands of column issues devoted to this album in the 22 years since its release. However, Chris struggles to connect with it, and suggests that it might be because the sound of this record has been emulated so much over the years. Mark agrees, and discusses how it can sometimes be difficult to ignore the hours and hours of mediocre music that is conceived off the back of an influential album.

Weaver takes us on a journey back to Stirling and his uni days, all whilst extolling the importance of this record. Both he and Mark stand in awe of this record's sound and scope, and Chris offers some lore on how the music was created.

Things take a bit of a turn when the boys get in depth about how some artists should simply stop making music when they no longer have anything to offer, which leads to some fiery debate between Chris and Weaver.

In the end, Mark and Weaver decided it should definitely go into our discography whilst Chris remains ambivalent. What do you think? Vote on our facebook page and let us know if you think this album should be added to our discography.



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Intro Music: Discose by Marvin 

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