Episode 49 - Mit Gas by Tomahawk

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Back to more conventional territory this week. Sort of.

Mike Patton, in fact not just Mike Patton but every member of Tomahawk, has been involved in a vast number of musical projects over the years. With most of the Tomahawk releases, one could convincingly argue that the band are the fulcrum for some of their most “conventional” work. Whilst all have been involved in some of the most important records ever made, they’ve never quite produced anything like Tomahawk.

Conventional wisdom amongst fans of the band dictates that the band’s self titled first album should take the crown as their best work. We’re here to argue differently. Yes, you read that right - we’re here to argue differently. All three of us. United in a rare moment of praise for an album.

We dive into the band’s history and take a tour of their entire discography, briefly touching upon each individual artist’s history but never lingering on it too long, because each one of them has a record we’ll cover at some point in the future.

So enjoy this tour of Tomahawk and their fantastic discography, then tell us - do you think it’s their best album? Vote below.