Episode 48 - Glass Swords by Rustie

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Nothing like a curve ball, eh?

This week Weaver dives deep into his catalogue of dance album and produces the spell binding ‘Glass Swords’ by Glasgow’s very own Rustie. This is our first time we’ve ever covered a dance album and the results are…mixed.

‘Glass Swords’ is often cited as being one of the most important and influential electronic records of the decade. Dave leans heavily on this fact, whilst citing how it’s both bizarre and wonderful that artists like Rustie and Hudson Mohawke have helped to define the sound of trap music; no mean feat when you considered the distance between Scotland and the American deep south.

Dave and Chris give us a whilst stop tour of the more esoteric side of UK dance music covering labels such as Numbers, LuckyMe, PC Music and Warp amongst others.

Is ‘Glass Swords’ Rustie’s best work? Only you can decide. Vote below.