The Grunge Mixtape - LIVE (Part 2)

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We highly recommend checking out part one before you get into this episode. It provides some much-needed context to grunge as a musical and cultural phenomenon.

On part two of the Grunge Mixtape Chris, David and Mark pick their three albums and make each their case as to why it’s the best representation of grunge music.

David goes first and explains why Badmotorfinger by Soundgarden is not just his favourite grunge record, but the best one out there. From Cornell’s wail to the signature Soundgarden heavy weirdness, this is perhaps one of the heaviest grunge records this side of Alice in Chains and Melvins.

Mark picks Superfuzz Bigmuff by Mudhoney, breaking down how it’s the most important grunge album not only because it was one of Kurt Cobain’s favourite albums ever, but how its sound is perhaps the purest sonic representation of grunge.

Chris goes all in on Live Through This by Hole. Courtney Love has garnered a lot of hate and conspiracy theories over the years but the songwriting on this record is simply brilliant, and Chris tells us why this should be nominated above all the others.

There’s laughs, there’s spirited debate, there’s a cliff Mark falls of when the painkillers kick in, and there’s more poor banter around the Mark Yarm/Mark Arm issue. This episode has it all.

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