The Black Metal Mixtape (Side A)

BM SIDE A copy.jpg


Praise be to The Dark Lord himself, for this week we take on the most unholiest of unholy music, and we do it in the only way we know how - with our now patented combination of cynicism, amazement and mild disdain.

We’ve promised this for a while and a few people have been asking us for it, so here it is. It’s dark. Super dark. But it’s also fun. Maybe?

This is going to offend people. Not because we say anything offensive, but mostly because black metal music is aurally and sometimes (but not always) ideologically offensive. We’ll be talking about some of the worst people we’ve ever discussed on this podcast (there’s a whole lot of murder and neo-Nazism) but it’s all absolutely pertinent to the topic at hand.

But hey, the music often good, which leads us to really discuss boundaries of where one draws the line between art and artist.

So strap in and come with us on this darkest, heaviest, dirtiest and longest of journeys.

Next week: we pick our three albums and you guys get to vote!

Weaver’s also put together this black metal history playlist for all you newbies.