Episode 9 - Trust by Low



Having now tipped a toe in the waters of metal, we’re going in the completely opposite direction with Low’s 2002 album ‘Trust’.

Where At the Gates are fast and heavy, Low are slow and quieter. Well, mostly. Not all of this album is quiet but it stands in stark contrast to the metal band we covered last week. Indeed, Low are often described as being ‘slowcore’, which actually makes sense the more you think about it.  Songs on this record often evolve over the course of several minutes, building on simple ideas in an organic way.

Low’s career has taken an usual path musically, but Mr. Cusack decided that ‘Trust’ was the band’s zenith. So Mark and Weaver jumped in with both feet and got fairly well acquainted with the band’s unique band of crawling indie rock.

Chris suggests that fans might think some of the louder, shorter, more folky records they released later in their career will be perhaps edge this album out of contention for our discography in their eyes. In any event, Mark and Weaver are in agreement with Chris that this record should definitely be in consideration for the Unsung discography of all time classic albums.

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Intro Music: Discose by Marvin