Episode 67 - Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra

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Manchester Orchestra have been a band since high school. Which means Andy Hull has been making music, touring and selling actual goddamn records for around half his life. He’s the same age as a couple of us (not Chris) and it really does make you think about what could have been if us three music lovers hadn’t dicked about for so long and just sold out years ago.

But alas, that was never in the cards.

This week we’re talking about Manchester Orchestra’s third album, and major label debut, Simple Math. Along the way we go deep into their discography, with both Chris and Weaver displaying a large degree of ambivalence to just about everything. In fact, Weaver even crowdsources his opinion, such is his unfamiliarity with this band’s take on earnest emo music. You could say that such attitudes are becoming a feature of many of the episode that feature records picked my Mark…

We also talk about how they managed to rise so quickly despite any apparent lack of major label involvement, and a bit more besides.

Is this their best album? You decide. Vote below.