Episode 61 - Atrocity Exhibition by Danny Brown

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Once we’d finished our lengthy diversion into the Satanic territory of black metal, we thought we’d change direction entirely and cover another hip hop album. Cue Chris’ mild bemusement at such an alien genre.

We briefly touched upon Danny Brown in our El-P episode, as he’d appeared on a Run the Jewels song, thus giving Mark his usual lazy nexus link.

The truth is though, whilst David and Mark both immediately agreed upon this album when the suggestion of doing another hip hop was floated, further reflection on Danny Brown’s career proved troubling. Whilst both gents are fans of his work, Chris was left feeling cold due to the problematic (at best) content of some of the lyrics, particularly on earlier Danny Brown records.

We reckon with all of that, wondering why such musical tropes are still acceptable today in the wake of the me too movement.

It’s not all doom and gloom though; there’s a great deal of discussion around the sonic texture of the record, and why it stands apart not only in Danny Brown’s catalogue, but in hip hop as a whole.

It’s a feisty, occasionally cantankerous, often insightful discussion around Danny Brown’s oeuvre and the language and register of hip hop as a whole.

Is this Danny Brown’s best album? As ever, only you can decide.