Episode 45 - Abyss by Chelsea Wolfe

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After the eclectic weirdness of Butthole Surfers things are taking quite a dark turn with Chelsea Wolfe’s fourth (or fifth depending on who you ask) album ‘Abyss’.

It’s a heavy album. Musically, it’s heavy and muscular in an almost doomy way, and in terms of content it could give Robert Smith a run for this money. Chelsea plays with a lot of different influences on this record; the aforementioned heaviness of doom; unsettling industrial soundscapes; the bleak sparseness of neofolk; the chime of alt. rock; all of it is represented here and pulled together, and apart, in fascinating ways.

On this episode Mark offers his reasoning behind choosing this over ‘Pain is Beauty’, whilst Weaver explains how he too found it hard to pick between the too. Chris defends ‘Hiss Spun’, whilst also giving us an insight into her past. As ever, the boys also take a tour of her discography, before taking strange detours into sleep paralysis, the puritanical streak of left and a bunch more wild and whacky sidebars. Also, the Dave Grohl Nexus falls apart in front of Mark as the other two bust out some truly impressive connections.

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