Episode 43 - Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk

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Whether you know them as purveyors of 80s synth pop goodness or pre-post rock (yes, we understand that pre-post rock is a strange way to put it) pioneers, Talk Talk have left an indelible mark on music.

Bands from all genres cite their influence. From the likes of No Doubt to Interpol, Sigur Ros to AFI, Talk Talk’s influential status is resolute.

Well, it’s resolute to most people. On this episode David gives us a stirring defence of this most obtuse of albums; a jazzy, experimental rock album which spends most of the time being minimal and mellow as opposed to bombastic and loud.

We take a deep dive into their discography (which is mercifully small compared to some of the recent episodes), and ponder if this really was the beginning of post rock as we know it.

Mark sits on the fence whilst Chris pulls out something of a face turn as he tackles the album from an intellectual point of view.

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