Episode 40 - W h o k i l l by tUnE-yArDs

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One could say that W h o k i l l is, objectively speaking, a musically fascinating record. Whether or not these compositions and style resonate with you is a different matter.

On this episode Chris picks this record and says it’s his “purest” musical choice yet. The reasons why are fairly clear - great hooks, weird song structures and composition that don’t feel overbearing, a multitude of different layers and textures, wonderful attention to detail and stunning production.

However, on the other side of the fence, both Mark and Weaver find it difficult to grab on to. Both are able to appreciate the things that are happening on this record, and agree that Merrill and Nate are extraordinarily talented musicians, however they both felt there was nothing to latch on to here.

We also return to the topic of cultural appropriation again, particularly as this is something which has followed the band around with each album. Is it possible to draw a line between what’s deemed as reverence and appropriation? We’re not sure.

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