Episode 30 - The Magnolia Electric Co. by Songs: Ohia

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In his somewhat short life, Jason Molina recorded a lot of music. In fact, as discussed in the podcast, he treated songwriting like a job, dedicating 8 hours a day to the craft. It completely explains why he was able to release something in the order of 16 albums and many EPs. 

This album is often considered his magnum opus. By his own reckoning, this was his crowning achievement and after 'The Magnolia Electric Co.' was complete, many of his band and friends recognised it as being a singular work of genius.

To say his life took a tragic turn after this release is something of an understatement. Booze and the road took a weighty toll on his health and close relationships, and after many stints in rehab he was found dead in his apartment, a bottle close by and nothing but a cell phone in his pocket. He had suffered multiple organ failure brought on by ten years of acute, chronic alcoholism. He was 39 years old.

It seems pertinent to mention this fact because this is a dark album. Musically, it's upbeat and at times quite buoyant, but underneath it, in the lyrics, there lies an almost palpable sense of melancholy. 

On this bumper episode we dive deep into his extensive discography and biography, ending it with a glorious appraisal of an album that we all feel has been disgustingly overlooked for far too long.