Episode 28 - Blue Record by Baroness

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Back to metal. Or is it metal...ish? Baroness started off as a sludge metal band and on this, their second album, start to bring in influences from other genres. Here, Mark makes the case for this at their best album. In all its cheesy, metal cliche, psychedelic, riffy glory.

With a revolving door of musicians, John Dyer Baizley has remained the sole consistent member of the band, and perhaps that explains why the band's sound has changed so much over the years. Blue Record finds the band shifting away from the sludge metal found on Red and incorporating many other sounds from a vast array of genres.

Most would say that Red is their best album, but Mark is here to convince you, Chris and Weaver otherwise. Weaver explains why he prefers Red and Chris professes downright contempt for this album.

What do you think - is this their Unsung Classic? Vote below.