Episode 24 - You Are Free by Cat Power

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The aforementioned unfortunate circumstances which led to last week's change of plan loom large over this week's episode. Cat Power's difficulties with her mental health are well documented, and we felt we needed to give this episode a little extra time to address not only those, but how musicians in general deal with their own personal demons. 

The original plan was to follow Episode 22 with Never Better by P.O.S. However we felt it right to change the order with recent circumstances in mind. We had decided that we would tackle this album way before the news of Scott Hutchison's tragic passing; it was simply a morbid coincidence that took us on the journey towards listening to, and discussing, an album which cover such topics.

Weaver returns this week and all three of the guys sing the praises of this dark, sparse record. Chris makes a case as to why it is perhaps her best album, and as ever there's a Dave Grohl connection, as seems to be the case with most of our albums, which leads Mark to announce a new recurring feature. Look out for that in the weeks to come.

Is this Cat Power's definitive work? You can let us know by casting your vote below.