Episode 22 - Searching for a Former Clarity by Against Me!

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Let's dive right back into the punk side of things here and talk about perhaps one of the most important punk bands around right now.

Against Me! have had quite the career thus far. Dealing with every conceivable issue a band could face and then some.  

Mark gives us a pretty concise history of the band leading up to this record, and gives a little of what happened afterwards too. Chris then steers conversation towards into how punk songwriters that were once tied to a particular ethos have to reckon with their talent and the success it can or could possibly bring in order for them to further their careers. We cover the band's time on Fat Wreck, the period that led up to their signing with Sire and all of the nitty gritty details in between. 

There are many schools of thought on what the best Against Me! record is, and Mark makes a case for this underdog, unsung classic whilst Chris and Weaver remain firmly on the fence about the band and the record.

It's a bit of a mixed bag, this episode.

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Intro Music: Discose by Marvin