Episode 19 - Vespertine by Bjork

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Everything that needs to be said about Bjork has already been said. Her discography, like her talent, is vast, and unable to pass up the chance to talk about anything weird, we thought we’d say our piece.

Weaver is a huge fan, and when quizzed about what album we should talk about he immediately picked ‘Vespertine’. Neither Chris or Mark were too familiar with her work, so the conversation in this episode is particularly interesting as Weaver once again drives the car.

He gives us a pretty thorough appraisal of her discography whilst Chris drops a few patented knowledge bombs about her history, whilst also praising and asking questions about the way she chooses who to work with on each of her albums. Mark also expands on how he feels the album is like a big warm hug.

We understand that Bjork has legions of fiercely devoted fans, so we’re really looking forward to seeing how people vote on this episode. Is ‘Vespertine’ her definitive statement? Is this her best record? If not, what other albums should we consider?

You can let us know by voting on or Facebook page and if you disagree, drop us a comment and tell us why!

Intro Music: Discose by Marvin