Episode 17 - Mclusky Do Dallas by Mclusky

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Going from indie pop to noisy rock n roll? That's another thing we love to do on Unsung.

This week we're getting torn in to 'Mclusky Do Dallas' by Mclusky. It's a record which has achieved a cult status amongst fans of the more angular side of British rock music, and it's positively brimming with attitude and energy. Over the years this record has made many a "best of" list, but it still goes shockingly underapprcaited by the world at large and frankly, that's a bit of a disgrace in our eyes.

Cards on the table here - Mark and Chris adore this album. Weaver had never heard it before and was largely indifferent to it, which is sad but hey, he's his own man.

Chris and Mark go into detail about this album, Falco's particular songwriting nous, Future of the Left, and Chris tells us just how wild these boys were live. Could this perhaps be some of Albini's best production work? We think it might be, but you are of course free to disagree.

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Intro Music: Discose by Marvin