Episode 13 - Carpe Diem by Will Haven

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What do they put in the water in Sacramento? After chatting to Jonah Matranga and listening to Will Haven’s third album ‘Carpe Diem’, we’re left wondering what it is about that place which chucks out such genre bending bands like Will Haven, Far and Deftones.

In our view, ‘Carpe Diem’ is the greatest expression of Will Haven’s unique songwriting talents. It’s always a struggle to accurately describe what this band sound like. Their preferred definition is ‘noise metal’ and we feel this is somewhat accurate.

On this episode Chris and Weaver tell us just how important this album is to them. Weaver makes the bold assertation that this album is the distillation of everything he loves about music, and Chris professes his love for the weirdness of the record. On its surface it feels straight forward, but after a few minutes you realise that something is not quite normal. It has a feel, an atmosphere, which is all its own. Chris explains the mechanics behind their music and offers some thoughts on why this album in particular is the most complete Will Haven record yet.

This podcast was once very different. We actually recorded once before then somehow manage to lose the file, and on this second go around the record had grown on Mark a lot. Initially he couldn’t really see why Chris and Weaver (and so many others) love this record, but the time in between the first take and the second had changed his mind quite dramatically, boldly stating that this record needs to go into our discography.

How do you feel? Should ‘Carpe Diem’ by Will Haven be added into our discography? Listen and vote on our Facebook page.

Intro Music: Discose by Marvin