Episode 12 - Cool to Be You by Descendents



Despite our diverging opinions on this record it is, in many ways, an embodiment of what we're aiming to do with this podcast - discuss records we think may be unsung classics. Now, fans of punk and/or the Descendents are well aware of this band's importance to punk rock. Their first couple of albums are seminal works of 80s punk. Elements of their sound can be found in just about every album written by melodically minded punk bands right up until the end of the 90s. 

Yet Mark decided to ditch all that and pick their mid 2000s "comeback" album. The reasons for which are pretty clearly laid out on this episode, and the conversation that ensues focuses mainly on bodily functions, which we're sure the band would approve of.

We also talk a about the history of this band and All, and we definitely screw up the band members' names and the band's personnel timeline. A fun time is indeed had by all. Or well, maybe not all but by at least one of us.

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Intro Music: Discose by Marvin